Good Food That
Keeps You Moving
By: Alwadi Food

We provide good food that keeps our customers moving toward their goals.


Protein, which is crucial for growth and development, is abundant in meat and poultry. The minerals found in our products are essential for maintaining health and energy.

The "Complete Protein" in Alwadi's products, is made up of all the amino acids needed for good health. Plus, it has heme iron, which lessens the risk of anemia. Additionally, iron and zinc, two minerals found in meat, are frequently absorbed and utilized by the body more readily.

Because it contains calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, protein, and omega-3, the high-quality protein in our products has also been proven to protect muscle loss, bone strength, heart health, and brain health more efficiently than other protein sources. The products from Alwadi most crucially include zinc, which supports healthy immune function and speeds up wound healing.

Likewise, the only naturally occurring sources of vitamin B12 in food like meat and poultry, support healthy nervous system function and improve children's brain development. Recent data suggests that meat protein assists in the care of good cardiovascular function. What’s more, lean meat and poultry can be part of a high protein, low carb diet that can regulate blood sugar levels.

Alwadi strives to offer top-notch and cutting-edge goods to everyone. We prepare the delectable meals that so many people like and savor today in this manner.


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